About Shey

When you are in highschool, you never know where life will lead you. You have plans of becoming an architect, because you need a plan of some sort, but after attending 1 semester in college you realize that creating all those blueprints isn’t as easy or as fun as you had originally thought.

In highschool I took 1 computer class because I had to, and it was learning to program in Basic on an Apple IIe. I did ok with that class but I never expected to be working as programmer 30 years later.

After my first year in college at K-State (Go Wildcats), I ended up moving in with my brother and getting a job as a clerk typist for Boeing. I was a very fast typist in my highschool days (6th in state, yeah baby!) so the job was a good fit for me. However, being a fast typist and getting my work done quickly taught me that sitting in a desk chair with no work to do is extremely boring. Luckily there was a computer sitting behind me just begging for me to figure out how to use it.

Once I started to learn a little bit about that computer in the late 1980s, then there was no stopping me. I learned everything I could and soon found myself back in a new college studying Computer Science (and later Entrepreneurship) while getting a new job as a computer geek- installing hard drives and networking computers. A co-worker affectionately called me the “maytag lady” since everyone saw me walking around with a computer tool kit everywhere I went.

Fast forward into the 2000s and I knew I wanted to harness my entrepreneurship degree along with my skill of computers. It took me well over a decade to finally find my online groove, but I think I finally nailed it. I have spent the last 30 years in the Corporate IT world writing computer programs and websites while doing the side hustle of creating an online business with a blog and a podcast. Now I just want to help other people get over the online business learning curve. 

Since 2010, I have created at least 20 WordPress websites for my own purposes, along with 6 unique podcasts and now I’ve launched my first YouTube channel. I have also designed several websites for my clients, learning new technology along the way.

I love the challenge of technology and everyday presents new challenges. The difference between you and I most likely, is that I LOVE IT. I tell the computer gremlins to bring it on! Give it your best shot because I won’t be deterred. It’s like an endless video game – and the only one I play, truth be told.

In 2023, I’m launching my first subscription based membership site where I help folks just like you, crush tech issues and keep the momentum going in their online business. I will teach you strategies of using WordPress, Kajabi, online course platforms, launching podcasts, generating an email list and so much more. The best part is, you will be following a roadmap to take you from point A to Z. If there is a detour in your path, I will be there to redirect you so you don’t lose speed.

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