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Hey there, online business owners! Get ready to bid farewell to tech headaches and say hello to hassle-free solutions with my friendly tech support community. I’m here to be your reliable digital sidekick, ensuring that your online ventures sail smoothly and your tech troubles become a thing of the past.

Your time Matters

My Solutions Get You Back to Business ASAP

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur striving to build your digital empire or an experienced business owner seeking to optimize your online presence, consider me your faithful companion on this exciting journey. I’ll provide you with the tools, resources, and insider tips to empower you with the confidence to overcome any technological hurdle.


Be part of a vibrant and supportive membership community, where a diverse group of business peers come together to uplift and assist one another on their entrepreneurial journey. No more cold emails to and from your platform’s support team while you work as a team of one! Mastermind with your newest friends as they work alongside you in their business.

Office Hours

Experience the relief of receiving dedicated support from a tech expert through weekly office hour calls, where your questions are answered and your tech troubles find swift resolutions. Let me research your tech issues and create short customized videos to help explain the solution, providing the necessary hand-holding, so you can resume work quickly.


With the VIP package (Coming Soon), you can unlock your business’s full potential with a monthly 30-minute coaching call, where you can tap into the wisdom of a tech expert, brainstorm new ideas, and receive personalized guidance to propel your online ventures to new heights. I will be your IT sounding board as you discuss upcoming tech challenges to sell your products .

Say Hello to your Tech Support Guru

My name is Shey Keith and I’ve been helping Online Business Owners with their tech questions and issues for the past 6 years.

I’ve been working in Corporate America the past 30 years as a computer programmer and web developer, and I’ve been a blogger, podcaster and business owner for over a decade now.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about the different platforms available to business owners – WordPress, Kajabi, Podia, Simplero, Kartra, ConvertKit, AWeber – the list goes on. I have always been a techie at heart and I enjoy helping people solve their tech problems.

Whether you need coaching assistance to figure out your next steps in your online business, someone to build your website, or you need specific technical help on how to make your platform work as you expect, I’m the one to help you achieve your goals.

Overcome your tech obstacles today.


Premium Support

Simple Easy Tech Membership

$67*monthly payment


  • Access to Shey through Organized Community Forums. Share text questions or short videos of issues you are facing and get quick responses to help you move forward
  • Friendly Community of Online Business Peers to Share Ideas and Learn Together
  • Weekly Live Calls – “Office Hours” – bring your questions and talk to Shey directly, sharing your screen and working through the issue (these are group calls)
  • IPhone and Android App – to keep in touch with the community on your phone
  • Monthly Accountability Calls – Your opportunity to be on the “hot seat” and get help pushing your business to the next level (This is a group call)
  • Premium Video Vault of all Office Hours and Tech Videos based on member questions
  • BONUS !!! All New Members get 1 FREE 30 Minute call for one on one access to Shey! Get your question answered right away, while you tell me about YOUR business.

What people are saying

“Shey has been such an amazing asset to my growth as a membership owner. The back end tech is not my strongest suit, but I’m learning as I go and having Shey by my side has been invaluable! I know there’s countless tutorials and videos out there to watch, however nothing compares to actually being able to have a conversation with someone who understands what I need and has the genuine passion to help me find success!”
Elizabeth Pugliese
I discovered Shey at a time in my life when I needed that extra tech assistance to keep me going in my online business.   I only wish I had met her at the very beginning when I was creating my website.  She would have saved me so much time and frustration.  Shey is super patient, trust worthy, kind and above all super knowledgeable in all things tech.  You are lucky if you have crossed paths with her.  Don’t let this opportunity pass by.  She is too good to miss!   
Lohnay Bishoff
I HATE TECH. I’m sure Shey got tired of hearing me say that – but the truth is, I am not a tech girl, never have been, never will be. I had an idea for an online business and I just wanted to do that – not deal with the tech side of things. But – if you want an online business – there is tech involved! I was completely overwhelmed and I had the paralysis of analysis. I was spinning my wheels and getting more and more frustrated. I didn’t speak this language. I didn’t understand it and I was scared. I also didn’t feel comfortable talking to the cool hipster 20-something dude at Starbucks to ask how to fix my website. Shey was so patient and so knowledgeable – and not at all intimidating.  She didn’t treat me like an idiot for not knowing this stuff. She patiently taught me and guided me on my online business path. Everything from how to build a website, what host to use, how to do a podcast, how often to post, what social media platforms to use, the importance of a email opt in, how to do an email opt in! Step by step, from idea inception to online business completion and promotion, Shey was there to answer all my questions, make suggestions, coach me through my mind-set blocks and guide me beyond my tech fear to final online business success. I particularly appreciated her never making me feel stupid or intimated to ask anything. I would send anyone I cared about to Shey for online business coaching. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Shey made website design and creation easy. I’ve worked with several other designers and I didn’t get what I asked for. Her direct and easy-going communication made it simple to get the flawless design that I was looking for. She found ways to incorporate everything I needed into the design to make it cohesive and user friendly. Not only did she create a beautiful website, but she took the time to explain the tech-y in’s and out’s that I needed to know. I would highly recommend her! She made the creation process seamless and created a phenomenal website with everything I wanted. 
Matea Babcock

Commonly Asked Questions

I help my clients with various software tools – but in particular, membership platforms. I work with all-in-one tools such as Kajabi, Kartra, Simplero or Podia. I also help my clients with other business tools such as Thrivecart, Zapier, ConvertKit and Active Campaign. Lastly, I help my clients using WordPress including different membership plugins, assistance with page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder or Divi, and just overall assistance with WordPress.

I also provide assistance with podcasting and video tools and more. If you need tech assistance in any aspect of your online business, I will do my best to help you out, even if that requires me to research your specific needs.

On the premium subscription, you will have the community, (similar to Facebook – but on a different platform that is more organized and private, and you can access from your laptop or cell phone), and you will also have access to me during office hours, once a week. There you can share your screen and demonstrate the issue you are facing and I can walk you through how to fix the problem. Once a month, I hold an accountability group call which is similar to a mastermind. You can share exciting things you’re working on, or ask questions to help you push through a particular problem. Each month will allow one person to be on the “hot seat” and dive deeper into their business.

I offer consulting services for various technical needs. I provide tech support as needed. Setup a free 10 minute call with me when you’re ready to discuss your business needs by clicking on the” 1 on 1 Help?” menu inside the community.

Overcome your tech obstacles today.

And conquer the digital landscape like a pro.